In Plating Decor we are specialists, with 30 years of experience, in coatings with precious metals, exporting 95% of our production to Europe and, working with leading brands in the luxury sector, quality jewlery, technology, writing and gift sectors and the electronic industry.

We use the highest quality certificates and strictly comply with European and international regulations.  

We use the galvanic process for the coatings of our pieces and we offer bicolor or tricolor processes on any type of metal (brass, copper, zamak, pewter, stainless steel, etc.).   This exclusive process of Plating Decor, combines the different colors of gold to any thickness, rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, etc.






Anual works

The experience and professionalism of our staff is the key to achieve an optimum result.

We combine cutting-edge machinery with the specialization of our operators to achieve maximum efficiency in all phases: from the registration of the information in our computer system to work with each piece in a specific way, the assembly on the racks, the coating and up to the drying.

In addition, we produce some of our own compounds and baths in our laboratory and we offer a comprehensive counseling service.

All our parts undergo an exhaustive quality control, taking into account: the thickness, the control of the color and the adhesion and we take great care of the packaging of the pieces and the shipment to the client, who is our top priority.

In short, in PLATING DECOR we work with highly qualified personnel and material, researching, innovating and turning the challenges into new opportunities.